Cards considered an Item in Shadow Era typically have "Item" in their card type. Hero Weapon and Hero Armor cards, while not explicitly labeled, are Items. The same applies for Hunter Trap cards; such as Death Trap. Some Ability cards also go into the Item slot; however, they are only considered an "Item" for the intent and purpose of item destruction effects.

After being played, Item effects take place immediately and any activated abilities can also be used right away.

Hero WeaponEdit

List of all Hero Weapons

For Heroes to attack and engage in combat, they need to have a Hero Weapon card. In order to add a Weapon to your deck, one of the class icons at the top-right corner of the card must match with your Hero's.

All Weapon cards have an Attack value in the bottom-left corner of the card and a Durability value — denoted by the anvil icon in the bottom-right corner. Each time a Hero hits with the Weapon, whether making an attack or defending, the used Weapon loses 1 Durability point. At 0 Durability, a Weapon is destroyed and goes to the graveyard.

If you play a Hero Weapon when you already have one equipped, your old Hero Weapon is discarded to the graveyard.

Class-specific Weapons also exist, such as Wulven's What Big Teeth. In particular, this Weapon is special in that it has no Durability so it cannot be destroyed through normal usage.

Hero ArmorEdit

List of all Hero Armors

As with Hero Weapons, the icons in the top-right corner of Armor cards identify the classes that can use them. All Armors have a Durability value, but this is shown in the bottom-left corner of the card. Each time the hero is hit in combat, the equipped armor loses 1 point of Durability. At 0 Durability, an Armor is discarded to the graveyard.

Its Defense value is located at the bottom-right corner, represented by the shield icon. Any combat damage will be reduced by your Armor's Defense value.

Playing a Hero Armor when you already have one equipped will also result in your old Hero Armor being discarded to the graveyard.

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